Saturday 12 July 2008

Fylde Area Group Meeting

On the 19th June we held a run and natter meeting, attended by some 9 members. The evening was mainly spent discussing modelling topics rather than running, but overall an enjoyable evening was had by all.

Tony Miller did bring along a number of his wonderful hand painted coal wagons, many local to the Preston area, particular impressive is the 'Preston Industrial Co-Operative' wagon. These were hauled round the layout by my Jinty 7472 (a Preston engine - often nicknamed at the time 'City of Preston').

On Wednesday the 2nd July a number of members travelled to John James's house for an inaugural run of Benfieldside following its re-installation and rewiring, again a most enjoyable evening was had by all and we are all looking forward to another session.

The next meeting is Thursday 17th July, please contact Mike Norris (details on blue sheet), if you require more information and the meeting is a run and natter session, please bring something of interest to run or discuss.

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