Friday 27 June 2008

Cumbrian Area Group 2nd Meeting

From being a gleam in Stephen Paulin's eye, the Cumbria Area Group (yet another CAG!) seems to have developed wings, and looks to have a secure future. The second meeting on 7th June was better attended than the first, with a total of seven attendees. After lunch at the Crown Inn, we repaired to Ian Everett's house to play trains. This was supposed to be a serious operating session but it must be admitted that it was more like train ping-pong. The object of the operator of the fiddle yard at each end of Clecklewyke's scenic section seemed to be to fill his opponent's yard with trains, whilst obeying full block regulations, using correct bell codes and running his trains at scale speeds. Two photographs show Phil Tuer and Sephen Paulin at the controls - it would appear from Stephen's expression that he is winning?
Ian's wife Betsy produced some excellent scones for tea, some of which were eaten by the Area Group members, although the majority had been scoffed by Ian and Betsy's border terrier.
A third picture shows more details of Clecklewyke, which will be exhibited with Area Group members' help at Halifax on 27/8 September and at Workington on 22/3 November - two alternatives to Scaleforum and Warley if our northern friends find those too far.The next meeting of the Area Group will be at Stephen Paulin's house on Saturday 2nd August, where there will be a demonstration of split-chassis* loco building. More details from Stephen at

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