Friday 24 April 2009

Twelve months on...

Yes it hardly seems that a year ago we formed as a group. Regular monthly meeting, well attended and if someone isn't coming I get an email and a totally hopeless excuse, usually work or something equally feeble.
This month was no exception, Bernie Baker has bought shares in Hornby Railways as hes' added 13 chips to his fleet of converted locos. What makes this special is the action of these engines, very, very smooth and beautifully weathered. Bernie has worked wonders on some of these machines as I've always been a little suspicious of RTR conversions, not usually a candle to a good built chassis. But Bernie's are right up there and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

The two panniers and the two 56xx run equally as nicely. Alistair Stannard has been as equally busy, producing some very nice rolling stock to run on Belle Vue. Rod Hall has been really busy building a stock of plate wagons and hoppers all with sprung under frames and really looking the business. Rob Foot has been producing some very elegant lineside additions, some water cranes.

All in all, the group is now well established with many arm chair modellers now producing some very fine work. We have not gained any more new attendees but, on the other hand, we have not lost any members from our inaugural meeting either. Everyone who attends, contributes during the evening. A very healthy state of affairs, so my thanks to all the members for their support, but one big thank you to Dave Hagger, who has helped so much in getting this group going and continues to help with the monthly meetings.
The next meeting will be the end of May...

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