Tuesday 13 January 2009

The Orginal and Best and Still Hard At It

Sunday 11th January saw another of the regular monthly meeting for the Crewe Area Group. This month it was my turn to act as host so most of the Crewe area crew turned up as for a pleasant afternoon chin-wag over tea/coffee and chocy biscuits, ably purveyed by my lovely wife. As a previous Blog gave an excellent back view of the group I felt it appropriate that on this occasion you should get the benefit of a front view.

Talking of lovely, the days main entertainment was provided by Don Roland's explanation of the production of his model of the Forth Hotel which is pictured here. It seems he has been doing a bit of sub contracting for the East of Scotland 4mm Group's Burntisland layout. This building stood on the quay at Burntisland, having been the Manse before the railway arrived (or at least the middle bit was), then a railway hotel before the fourth bridge and finally railway offices. In expanding their layout it seems Burntisland will be quite a bit larger than its original 18.83 challenge incarnation because this build has a significant footprint in its own right. Quite what a member of the Knutsford East team is doing producing a model for them north of the border is a question that is perhaps best left un-answered, just remember you saw it here first guys. Don enlivened our afternoon with tails of exactly how be built this excellent model with no more than a ground plan, a few ceiling heights and a few photos.

We also welcomed a new group member, Adrian Prescott. Actualy he has attend some of our meeting before but on this occasion he chose to commit himself by paying his sub. He also brought along a model of an LB&SCR loco in an entertaining mud coloured livery. Regional prejudices aside, it looks a very nice job. It is pictured her with another new CLC coach from Dick Petter. Here in lies a tale. The three CLC coaches which run on Knutsford that I produced, like this one, from Bill Bedford kits, made up six inches over width. This one has been corrected, leading to suggestions that I might like to saw my three in half longways. Hum, well see.

My thanks to John Sherratt for the photos.


  1. Lovely blog by the CAG but I thought there were only two Forth bridges. Where did the fourth come from? Froma anothather CAG member - the Cumbrian Area Group

  2. Touched!

    Or perhaps Touché if I had more control over the spell checker