Thursday 29 January 2009

Naggers monthly meet

Our first meeting since November with the Christmas break ruining our run. However, most of the Naggers turned up, and those that didn't, sent excuses. Some of these were highly suspicious!
As ever, Mr Steffan Lewis produced a wealth of goodies that he's going to be putting on display, once Maindee East is back up and running.
Bernie Baker brought a brace of diesels with him. A Warship (Lima conversion) and a GWR railcar, both of which performed admirably. The Warship had been given the 'unloved' treatment, and Bernie has really captured this look.

Dave Hagger, brought a brace of Bachmann Mk1's that had been converted using a method shown to him by Chris Pendleton. They ran smoothly and steadily and took about 25 mins each to do.

At the beginning of the year (07/01), some of the Naggers ventured across the 'bridge' to Newbury to play with Mr Mick Wakefields layout 'Grantham' - what an absolute thrill. We were treated to seeing Chris Pendleton's Deltic strut its' stuff , and trust me this engine can really strut! Breath taking power and smooth operation, exellent stuff! Micks' layout is a scale mile around, so Chris put an A4 on, with 9 behind and wound it up, last timed for the mile at 156 mph! P4, don't you just love it!! Thanks to Rod Hall for arranging the visit and thanks to Mick for his hospitality. A big thank you to Chris for taking on all comers with the barage of questions that were thrown at him. For a better view of this visit see:

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