Thursday 26 June 2008

A Worth While Event...

The Naggers of Newport met on Weds 25 June, the evening was designed to be a show and tell evening. Instead it turned out to be one of the more memorable modeling evenings, as ideas on chassis construction were floated. Steffan Lewis gave a fabulous talk on how he constructed his chassis, including some great tips on dealing with eronious wheels, hopefully an article will appear on the NAGNAG website in due course.

Bernie Baker brought along some RTR conversions that hes' been working on and some wagons...just one or two...the conversions ran smoothly, some of the wagons less so. But isn't that the point, to find out what works.

Robert Foot brought along some really nice buildings that he'd scratched for his home layout, just wished I'd taken a photo!
The rest of the Naggers sat round and pulled Bachmann mk1's to pieces, with a view to repainting and springing the coach bogies, using Bill Bedford's sprung coach bogies.

An absolutely cracking evening, lots learned, as well as done. Thanks to everyone for entering into the spirit of things.
Next meeting 30 July.

Mike Garwood

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