Thursday 22 May 2008

NAGNAG inaugural meeting

Well, the days slipped past and letters were received, emails returned and come the appointed hour, members turned up!

A big thank you to everyone that made the effort to attend. In all 16 members attended the first meeting, with another 3 members on holiday, but wishing to participate in the group. What a result!

There are a number of diverse modeling interests, ranging from the Brecon & Merthyr line to the S&D, to Alexandria Docks in Newport. Era's range from the 1940's to late 1960's...plenty of scope for the future. Everyone had the opportunity to talk in the group and express what they wanted out of an area group, the most common theme being 'support and encouragement'. Whilst a noble sentiment, the group must have something to support and encourage over, so with this in mind, the next meeting (yes, there really is going to be a next meeting!) is based on a show and tell evening.

My thanks to everyone at Newport MRS for their help and for letting the group use their club rooms.
A special thanks to those who gave up their time when they had/should have been preparing for Railex this weekend.

Next NAGNAG 25th of June, it feels great to be able to say that!!
If you want to join the group and see what we are about, then mail me at

Mike Garwood

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