Wednesday 23 January 2008

CAG makes it bigger. See it at Rochdale

The Crewe Area Group layout Knutsford East Junction will be on show again, this time at the Rochdale show on 2nd /3rd Feb. If you come and have a look you will discover that, like Burntisland, we’ve been growing, just not so much in our case. We’ve extended by just 2 feet and almost all of it went into the fiddle yards. For this you should blame our defensiveness about being limited to 4 coach trains on what was prototypically a 6 to 8 coach railway. Given the extra length, 5 coach trains are now possible - must build more coaches! In addition, the planned retreat of the scenic break at the station end will also maker it possible to see, without the use of a mirror, more of the wonderful detail Ron Dickinson put into the station ticket office. There is also some muffled talk of 8Fs and trains of hoppers heading for ICI Northwich full of limestone, but best not hold your breath for that one.

Those who scrutinise layouts from the ground up will also notice that our Dexion underpinnings have transmogrified into a custom built steel structure. This has kept Dick Petter p/gainfully employed cutting drilling and tapping many yards of square steel tube over the last few weeks. A thoroughly well engineered job it is too, just as you would expect from Dick. Our thanks to Tony Montgomery who now has his Dexion back, so that’s one less excuse for not progressing your own railway empire Tony.

P.S. Don Rowland is one of our members. He has been in hospital over the Christmas period, but is back home now. I’m sure I speak for all S4 members in sending him our best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

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