Thursday 13 November 2008

Fylde Area Group

On Thursday the 23rd August, one of our members 'Arthur Kimber' gave the group a talk 'Railways & Memories of North West Durham'. It was well patronised with 10 members being present.

Arthur covered the area where he grow up and presented many of his own photographs, Arthur was born in Swalwell on the North Eastern from Consett to Dunston and Scotswood, starting there he covered the local industry and how his father really provided the imputus to his interest with railways.

He told us about all the lines in the area and covered many of the locations between Blaydon and Gateshead King Edward Bridge, including the Tanfield railway and Garesfield wagon way.

There were many photographs of the loco sheds at Bowes Bridge, Blaydon, Gatehead and Borough Gardens, including the loco allocations in 1947. Also numerous shots of other locations where provided including the Dunston Staithes, Derwent Hough Staithes, Dunston Power station and Vickers Armstrong.

In all we had a very informative and enjoyable evening - Thank you Arthur.

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