Tuesday 9 October 2007

DRAG - testing, testing

Hi everyone, just getting used to this blog thingy!

Down here in the southwest we had our regular (fortnightly) meeting last night, with the usual set up of the Mark I test track on which a variety of stock circulated through the evening. Various natterings continued in other corners of the room concerning things like getting on with the new improved Mark II test track and helping Andrew Eaton with some conceptual ideas for his home layout based in the Black Country in the 1920s.

We also discussed Scaleforum of course, and I am pleased - nay, gloating - that 80% of the DRAG membership made it there. Some are shown on this photo, looking remarkably chipper given that this was about six in the morning on Exeter St Davids station! Tim Maddocks did a great job in organising cheap group tickets so that everyone got up for around £27 a head, and still giving six hours or so at the show on the Saturday. Brian & Jane Pearce and myself were up all weekend anyway on official duties, and three other members made their own way.

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